Strategy's annual Agency of the Year competition has agencies across creative, media, digital, PR and design disciplines vying for the title of Canada’s top shop. Making the coveted AOY shortlist means you are one of the top shops in the country. But to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze prize means having the most impressive body of work in Canada.

NOTE: In light of the financial pressures that the COVID-19 crisis has placed on the industry, Strategy has made it slightly easier to enter the Agency and Media categories. For the 2020 awards program, the Agency category will only require 4 cases (instead of 5), while Media will no longer require mandatory case videos to be submitted by entrants

The entry deadline is: August 7, 2020 at 11PM

Intent to Enter: May 26 to June 26

Please fill out the form for vetting before submissions begin in the second phase.

Submissions: June 29 to August 7

The entry period in which agencies can submit their written and video cases (after being approved for eligibility by Strategy's editorial team).


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